Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Cheat Hurt!

I wakeup early today and i figure out someting weird today. My chest feel something not good. I feel really hurt to breath this morning and i hope its not give me a bad signal. I know its not easy for some patient like me to work like hell. But i need to do. Looks like i need to take care more about my body. I cannot do any crazy job and need to do a lighter one..

By the way. I got too many job and offer today. Maybe today will be my busy day because if i'm not working, i will not earn anything. I will go for some interview next month and hope i will manage to handle all of them. I'm not really put some hope. But if i got some job. Thats will be a nice new for my parents. They really want me to work. Hoho..

Ok. Need to go. Have work. Bye!

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