Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Killer Tips if you want to DIE!

Did you have problem? Did you solve it? If you manage to do that and fix your problem, i think you can survive for many problem when it comes again or when you in danger next time. I believe some of you know how to handle it when the time comes. Just never forget, you only the human, always make mistake. I believe every people have second and third chance right in your life?

So, how are you today? Have a nice smile to share with us today? I'm happy because i manage to do something i really like today. I know its weird way. But i think i need to do that in other way. But remember, not all way is working with you.

By the way. I'm waiting for some payment and my friends to settle his debt. Its already in the end of this month. Not many people always remember when their have debt with other people. So, i hope some of you can help me because i'm tired to ask about that anymore, more and more. Really tired. When you ask for my help. You want it fast. But when you want to pay back. Its always take a years. So, take action now before the interest grow up. Hehe..

Ok. Did you fasting today? if yes, i hope you can pass this test for a month. Did you feel different with other month? Yes or no, its depend on you. Not all people share the same feeling and not all people can understand how you feeling. Its different way and not all people want to understand your feeling and your way. Just take it easy and forgive them. Forgive is the best for some people who already got dumb today..

Then. If you want to make money. I give you some tips. When someone have problem. Thats the time for you to make money from them. I already give you killer tips. Use it or you want to regret today?

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