Friday, September 28, 2007

170 Post and My Girl

So, what you do right now? If you eat, just eat carefully and enjoy your meal. If you play some games, try to win that games. If you with your partner, lets spend a good time with her. If you drive a car, just do that properly and no need to rush. What i want to said, just do that in good condition and never regret what have done before. Its your life and its your own time. Just spend it and never waste it in wrong way.

By the way, i already earn some cent from my paypal. I hope i can reach $100 in the end of this month even i know its not really easy to do that. I believe not many people know how to earn $100 from internet even i know its really crazy to do that for newbie. I hope in October, i can earn more than that and can use that money to make my project going well. I know its not really hard. But i need to do that properly. If not, i'm loosing something. I hope i can do that in right way.

This is simple message. I just want to know. If you trust anybody. HOw much you trust him/her? 50-50? 70%? Or 100%? Only you know the answer. But what can i said. Never tell them that you love him/her 100% even you really did. Their will something like unsecure, hate, like, afraid, scare and anything when you tell them you trust them 100%. So, never blame if you said that. Word is important in our relationship. Its also ruin your feeling and heart. So, be careful and i take it easy. No one in the world will going smooth like you want..

Ps: This is 170 post in this blog since i already use blogger as my current blogging host. So, happy 170 post to my beloved blog. Cekakums2 is the best!!

Pss: Who is this kawaaii girl?

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