Saturday, September 29, 2007

What is your Next Target

So, what is your next target for the next week or next month? How you colouring your day and day? I believe not all people have their target. But at least, deep in their heart. They know what they need to do or how theyr will go for it right? Never shy to tell me about that..

By the way. I hope i can have a good income for next month. I know its not really easy. But i hope i can do that. Its not really easy like i think. But i hope i can earn from many way. Lets multiple about earning way and method.

I got several payment today and hope will get another 2-4 payment for the next day. I hope its not too late. I need some money today to buy something. Hope i can get the money as soon as posible.

Another target. I want her to said someting weird to me. Hope she will do that even i know i will dream about that word..

Ps: Business sate? Ok what..

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