Friday, September 21, 2007

Did you do something today?

Sorry, about today. I have nothing to said. I felt sleep and just wake up and i can see the time is running my money. Oh no! I need to do something about that. So, i just recover and do something good about that. I hope i still can caught up them.

By the way, i hope i can finish something and do more about that. I hope she will approved my application. If not, something bad will happen to me and i don't want anything like that happen. i believe i need to do something in order to get something. Am i right about that?

Ok. I need to take bath and this is just bluffing. I need to take shower. Really need rest after work like hell 2 days ago. Hope its working and hope i will get my money back. Thats the gurantee from him!

Ps: When someone said she need you. What do you think first? Believe it or laught it first?

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