Sunday, August 19, 2007

Money or Rest First?

Nothing i can said. Too many problem 2,3 days ago. I cannot posting and blogging like always. My internet connection seems have problem. Sometimes i can connect internet and sometimes i can't. Just wonder what happen to my modem. Today, its looks good and hope nothing bad happen.

Ok. Just asking what are you doing today? Rest? Keep posting? Keep trying your best to earn from internet or what? I'm still trying my best to earn money today. I hope some of you can earn well today like we do that before. RIght now, i'm still writing my new e-book especially for malaysian member. Not many people can earn from internet well. So, i want to share some of you about another way to earn some money at net. Especially for e-gold and paypal money. Its too easy today. What you need is effort and need a lots of work. If you lazy. Nothing i can help you to earn BIG!

I don't know what to said anymore this time. I need some rest today and want to continue my delay project. Its still fine if i'm posting tomorrow. But i never want to delay my project. We need to keep working today. Money never want to ask us to wait..

Ps: Do you know what happen if you not really like Money?

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