Monday, August 13, 2007

Can we buy Happiness or Sadness?

I'm sad today. Nothing i can said about that. I'm really think i will crazy if i think more about that. Maybe i need to watch anime this time in order to make that sad and weird feeling in my heart right now.

About Egypt. Its depend on situation. If nothing wrong with that day. I will be gone from this place today. Why i need to go to that place? Its secret. Business matter and when i come back. I will bring something different as gift for myself. I need to do something about that soon. Visa is on the way right now.

Today i got several payment in my paypal. I got nothing from e-gold today. Seems like i'm not get paid yet from onestarfinance and a3union. Hope will get something this morning. Its really cold right now and already dawn. Need to take bath and pray first.

Ok guys. See you next time. I got too many posting job today and need to finish it before i sleep this morning. Many people already know that i need to rest and sleep in the morning. So, its not suprised to you right? Just keep your work and earn well today!

Ps: 2 payment still pending at my paypal and 1 payment pending at my Maybank..

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