Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Babai Banting. Babai UMS. Eygpt, I Come !

I wake up early today. 2 am! What should i do? What should i do? I got bad news. I got charge back from paypal. Someone do dirty thing to me because do that charge back. NOthing i can do. Just give them back the money and i just need to hope he will never happy in his all life. He suppose to deserve what he do to me and what he do to others people.

Nothing i can do. I got another payment from my work before. All payment cover that chargeback. too bad someone find me to get more paypal. Sorry. but i already run our my money. That person want $600! How can i get that much money just in 2 hours? Haiya. Must be something wrong if he really want from me. But i cannot do that even he still a person from my country. If he want to deal with me, he need to pay me first. I don't care if they have a good rate or incredibility. IF they want something from me. Pay me first. Thats my rule. Same. If i need something i will pay first..

Tomorrow i will gone. Maybe some people know where i will go. Just we see at that country. I will abroad for 2 weeks. You can said i'm on vacation and hope i can do something that time. I know its really a long day for me. But i hope i can earn something and not do crazy thing. In the same time i will learn about webjualan and forex. Thats the book i will read at plane tomorrow. My fight is 10.00 am and i will reach around 1 pm. My friends, Din. Will take me at airport and i need to treat him something. If not his stomach will sing siti nurhaliza's song! No! I never want to heard that song from him!!

Ok. Need to go. I want to eat last nasi lemak from Banting. Tomorrow i can eat anymore. So, i will do many thing today. I hope i can finish and settle it as soon as posible. I know its not easy. But i need to do that in order to make my life easy tomorrow.

Babai Banting. Babai UMS. Eygpt, i come to you!!

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