Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vacation + Graduation Day

Ok. Today will gone from Banting and will go to Sabah. I will go for 2 weeks and need to do something before i go back to Banting. Need to settle down many thing and hope nothing bad happen.

I don't earn any cent today. But i hope i can earn well from my way right now. I know its not easy. But i hope i earn earn again and again after i back from Sabah. I already setup a few project and i will run it as soon as posible Hope its working like i want.

In the same time i can rest as many houri want. I can do many thing in that place. I can make my body and spirit stronger everyday. I know its not easy. But i believe i can do that again like before. Right now, keep moving and never step back. But we can look back if we forget something. Nothing wrong with that. Just never late to grab the chance when it comes.

Many people is different in this world and not many people can love what the love to do todays. But we need to admit in order to do many thing in this green world. We need to do something even we really love it or not. Some with love. You need to work hard to gain love. Love cannnot come easily and i'm believe not many people know about this one.

If you need money? Work and get the money. But never ask me and treat you some milk or meat. I never want to do that. I got 1 cent very hard today and i'm lucky because i know how to get 1 cent today. Its not easy but we know we can earn well if we know how to make money. Right now, i apply money make money and its work! Want to know more about that? Ask me if you brave. I only help people if their really want to help himself.

Ok. Need to make last checkup. Hope not missing something. I will flight this morning at 10 am. So, hope i'm not missing something. This is the first time i flight in the morning and the bad news is my parents not come and send me to the airport. I will go by taxi. Its fine. Its my own journey and i need to go alone everytime..

Ps: Sometimes we need someone with us. But sometimes, we also need to be alone..

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