Monday, January 01, 2007

Cerita Aku dengan Adbrite

What can AdBrite do for me?


  • Reach millions of users across a whole lotta sites
  • Target your ads by keyword, site, or geography
  • Run text ads, or get guaranteed traffic and branding with our innovative Active Interstitial ads
  • Enjoy full transparency—see the stats before you buy
  • Optimize your campaign with our easy-to-use online tools and conversion tracking pixel


  • Monetize your site with complete control over your pricing
  • Approve or reject ads
  • Sell directly to your users with our "Your Ad Here" link, our dedicated page created just for your site, and our in-house sales team
  • Customize your ads for seamless integration into your site's design
  • AdBrite works great by itself, or alongside ads from other networks (Google, Yahoo, etc.) or your own sales team
  • Through a small snippet of HTML placed on your site, we handle ad serving, billing, customer service, and sales

Inilah Adbrite..aku baru je try benda nih..macam ok macam tak..aku pun tak tau nak kata apa..tapi aku try untuk 2 bulan sahaja..Kalau menjadi aku bagitau korang..kalau nak join je register..bukan susah pun kan?? Hoho..pendek kata Adbrite lebih kurang je macam Adsense...adik beradik lain mak lain bapak..Itu sajalah berita Adbrite hari ini..

PS : Aku tengah bengang dengan Adsense, Bidvertiser dan Adbrite sekarang nih..

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