Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Don't Lie, please!!

For my advice today, please don't ever do one lie in your life. If you do even one, trust me, you will do that bad thing again. See, i know anybody in this world, must be in one year, you lie..u lie to your mum, your dad. You lie to another people and do that thing everyday. Trust me, sometimes you happy when u lied to some people. But please trust me another thing, you heart was crying when you do that lying..

When somebody lie..their heart was crying. Maybe you never hear that sound. But , if you concentrate, I confident..You hear that sad sound. Trust me and trust your heart.In this life, heart must be not hurt..If you do that lying again, it will crying every single lying you do..especially to someone you love..

One think about lying people. When someone trying lying to you, see their eyes..If the eyes not moving around when he or she talk to you. He tell the true, but if NOT, trust me, them try to to lie or cheat you..

Please, don't ever lie. I know is hurt to never a lie. But will you try it ?

Try it..try never do a single a lie in one weeks. Something good will be happen in your life..Try it and show me..

PS :
Untuk pengetahuan korang semua, semua blog aku ada post yg sama ini. So, janganlah hairan bin belik ajaib jika nampak post yang sama jugak. Harap maklum.

PSS : Aku tanya korang dalam bahasa Melayu ni. Pernah kamu orang MENIPU? Dalam erti kata lain, PERCUBAAN UNTUK MENIPU?

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