Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Can you Sleep At Night?

I really want to ask you guys, can you sleep at night? Without any problem? If you have any problem, we are in same shoes..

I Really don't want to accept it. It is because i can't sleep at night in a couple month. Since September until now, i still can sleep at night. I just only can sleep in afternoon before i pray Zuhur. Really disturb my comitment and my job.

So, someone ask me one queastion. "If you don't sleep at night? What do you do at that time?"

Many thing. I setup my blog. Updated my site. Review website and blog. Do my biz promotion. Chatting and fing some frens. Doing my homework. Sometimes, I read some book or Novel. Occasionally, I read some novel from Alaf21 and Ahadiat Akasyah Book. Really help me to waste my sleep time. I also eating at that time. Really help me. Futhermore, I ignore my diet for Ramadan.

You know, normal human sleep in 7-9 hours per-day. But me? Only 2-4 hours perday. Crazy huh?

PS : Some else asking me one attack queastion. "Did you study at that time? Means, for exam?"
- Study? Not really..

If somebody can teach me how to sleep at night. Just give me your suggestion. Please..

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ball said...

hii...same boat i think, arent we?errmmm...i got that problem since i was in college...and i used to it!wanna know my xtvt??huhuhu..it depends on my mood sometimes..but usually i will go out and take a ride around town area(since my place is just nearby k.l)..so that i can spend a lil time to observe people around me(who may be facing the same problem...why r they not sleeping??)hehe..