Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the Philosophy of silat cekak Hanafi..

"Pakai Tak Pakai, Tak Pakai Pakai"Translator’s note: It is difficult to translate this phrase into English without it sounding culturally inept. However, Pakai which means Use, Wear or Employ denotes the combat sensitivity represented by Tak Pakai (Disuse, Unused). In effect, it means to convey a contradicting duality that if the opponent uses a certain method, the practitioner refrains from using it and vice versa, almost a hard/soft discussion all on its own.

Somepeople have their experience..somebody have their ways of thinking about this philosophy's..so find urslef..can you understand about this philosophy deeply ? until today im still thinking the better ways of this philosphys..someone thought, this philosphy can be use in our daily day..our routine..and our work..maybe in certain situation..or maybe can be not use ?? maybe..if we did'nt know today..maybe someday we will know..just wait that time, the time u know the meaning of this unique philosophy..

yah..im waiting too..
pakai tak pakai, tak pakai pakai..

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