Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just a minute plz..

Erm..many things to think to day..so, we cut the non important thing for this blog and show the more important..this blog is about silat cekakhanafi club in one university in malaysia.guess what university ? UMS. find urself for which university..this is just our think and our ways to shows about this martial arts.Thanks for ur support for this blog. We need ur comment and suggest for the best of this blog and club.

this blog more present about this club in ums, how the club history, activities, studies, biz, moneywork, teamwork, leadership, induction and others. This is only the raw and just our opinion for show our activities. Sometimes we share stories about persatuan and others silat cekak club in others university.So,we can gather and share our info together.

Hope we can co-opreate always..

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