Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Silat Cekak Hanafi in package?

Silat Cekak Hanafi is taught to completion in a course package. Normally, the course package may be completed within 6 months. This duration may also be adapted to coincide with the semester schedule of public schools or higher learning institutions. After completion, the practitioners may increase their level of skill personally or by attending skill classes organized from time to time.

As a silat based on fine movements, it does not need to employ a great deal of strength or force to defeat an opponent. The method of study is systematic, is not detrimental to the practitioner and allows the practitioners the ability to defend oneself even in quarters as narrow as a plank.

Futhermore, in our college at ums, we have a class at tuesday and friday night in ums stadium..and in indah permai college at monday and wednesday night.Our coach time that evert night we have a class.Every class we remind the 'buah' and their move.Tried to do the good and get to know how to make that move..some move is practically and some move or 'buah' is dificullt..but it can be easy we concentrate to learn about it..how? u ask for it..

Translated by : Saudara Saiful Azraqhttp://silat2.8m.com

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