Thursday, May 01, 2008

How you can get Free Domain today?

Never ask me about payment issue. I just join this program 2 days ago and i think its good to share with all of you guys.

Earn $1 for every friend your refer and he gets free website from us.
Get paid once it reached $10.
Money sent to your paypal account.
Please read the term first before you start :

Terms and conditions
1. Affiliates receives one doller for every friend your refer and he receives free website from us.
2. Affiliates receives no money for invalid signups .
3. Affiliates receives amount by paypal once it reaches $10.
4. Affiliates Can put the banners in there websites or affiliates sites or in news letters.
5. Affiliates will be deleted if he does spamming or illigal activities.

So, did you interested to join now? You will earn 1 dollar if your downline manage to create 1 blog/site/forum and others right? Interested?

If you like, just join it here :

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