Sunday, January 13, 2008

Think about My Future!

Not much i can talk for today. but i hope i can said something useful today.

Did you love to study? What do you think when you study last time? Did its really help you and make you happy everyday? I wonder if its happen and why its happen to me. SOmetimes, we always blame others people about our mistake. Why we need to do something like that? Why we never change a bit and still same way like 2-3 years ago? So, did you change yourself just in order to fullfill others wish?

Forget about the wish, i just hope in 2008, i can earn more money and do something with my student loan. I need to pay it and make it settle before 2009. What i want to do is make more money and rest after that. I want to buy new house. But its takes 160k ringgit malaysia. Its take a big money right?

But, i will try!

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Ps: I start understand, why you leave me..

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