Sunday, January 20, 2008

My First MYR1200 !!

Nothing to said today, just want to take abreak after take a long vacation. I believe i can do something good and i hope, all my income will go smoooth like i'm plan.

I wonder if i really can do something. Hoho..:D

By the way, my new e-book manage to reach 50 sales and it will reach MYR 1200 soon! Hope i can reach that and celeberate. Even i know i'm alone, but at least i know that i can do something with myself with my own method!

So, how said i cannot earn from my e-book? Its really super secret e-book and i believe many poeple already buy it and do that method. Its works and i believe many people already earn well from my method. Its secret. Actually its easy to do, but the way to find that secret make that e-book HIGH PRICE in my Heart!

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Anonymous said...

I tried to click on the payperpost that is on your blog but nothing happens..thanks..evelyn

anwar said...

What's the title of the e-book? I didnt get any news about your new e-book. Please give me the website :0