Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Need a Long Rest

Not much i can do today. Just keep posting and complete some offer. I'm still need some rest today and need to do something about my body. Its cannot stand anymore for long time. Need a long rest..

BY the way. Forget about the rest. Todays, as you can see. Too many people got scammed from many site. Its not only for PTC and PTS site. BUt its also for some forum today. Just wonder how long we can stand with this arena? I need to change something in order to change my way to earn money from internet. I know its really take a long time but this is the time i need to do. Need big changes today.

So, hope some of you don't mind if cannot find me at any forum soon. Maybe because i'm really busy to do my special task. No need to ask me what is it. BUt i'm believe its will be satisfy you soon. But like i said before. Its not for free. you need to buy it first. I know some of you will get the copy from others member. Its up to you. But i never halal it to you. So, its depend on you and God that time..

Just got a few bucks at my e-gold and paypal accaunt today. Hope will get paid more soon. I know its really difficult to get paid today. But i hope its the best for me. I need some money todays. For my graduation day. THe name list still pending until 13 August. Its really late for us..UMS student feel angry about this news. Hope the best for us.

ok. Need to blah! Babai..

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