Wednesday, July 11, 2007

BizPreneur - The Best Affliate Program


We have completely revised our system and added a few new ways to earn using bizpreneur. All
users may now earn for referring gold members. You may now earn $5.00 for each member that you
refer to join our gold membership. Once our members purchase a gold membership they will be redirected to a mandatory form which will include a place for them to enter the username of the person they were referred by. You may view the form at Also, if you are currently a gold member please fill out the form for our records. However, do not enter anything for who you were referred by, because they will not be eligible to receive credit because this is a new policy.
(Please do no spam your friend list about our gold membership.If we receive complaints your account may even be suspended)

We have also completely revised our referral system for our users. Once you have reached 25 referrals you may submit a referral application using our new referral application form. We will process your request within 3-5 days and send out your payment. Please vist
or you may click the link in MY ACCOUNT that states "you earn $1.00 per referral." Also, we will still honor any referrals that you have accumulated and not yet received payment. Simply fill out the form and we will process your request.

You may now also see a list of all the users you have referred in the MY ACCOUNT section under SEE MY REFERRALS.

Our gold membership will be increasing to $65.99 so get in while you can at $59.99. For more
information about our gold membership please visit

Best Regards,

BizPreneur Staff

Ps: Thats a goood news i'm talk about. I already have 35 referrals and hope will get paid for my 1st time soon. This is the 1st affliate program i join and i manage to get that much referrals. Hope will get paid just in 3-5 days soon.

If you want to join. You can join under me in this link : Signup Bizpreneur Affliate


Forumer said...


keh3, x yah beli lagi laa Kingston MobileLite 9-in-1 Reader tuu, lg pn mender tu br kuor, mesti mahal lagi , lama2 kekgi br muroh, ke guaner?? hehe

pakai je pendrive yg 1 GB tuuu, tu pn dh cukup byk doh wat masa ni kan?? Tp kalu bg yg nk pakai sokmo kad reader and pendrive sekaligus, molex arr tuu

Best regards

titaniumhijau said...

cam gitu ker? hoho..