Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Exchange DOne Today

Finally, i got 2 news this noon. Not really happy. But its a good day when we got some fund and our transaction was successful. I'm believe you also happy like hell if this happen to you right? Not much i can said, but its a happy day for me. Thanks to you dear because always with me even for a short time. Live must go ON..

Ok. thanks for Paypal because manage to restore back my accaunt and thanks also to rudz because manage to exchange my Paypal money with cash today. Even its not really much but i can get some fund today. Need to help my brothers because need some cash right now. So, that money for him.

$80 paypal equavalent with RM240. I think its a good amount right?

So, if some of you want to know how to cash your paypal money or want to verify your paypal. You can subscribe us and you will know how to verify your paypal accaunt and how we can earn some paypal money at your accaunt. Its not really easy, but its an easy task to do that. We share and earn together.

So, like we said before. We are give the best for our service and share together.
Thanks again for Paypal and my partner. Rudz..

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Forumer said...

Congrats and congrats!! hehe So you can cash out your Paypal eaa. that's really good. So i will wait you update here about how to make cashout from paypal :D

I just knew one way so far, through AmBank, but wanna know if there is another way too :)