Friday, February 02, 2007

Verify Your Paypal

If you have only Debit Card to validate Paypal Account
Below are steps to followed

Step 1: Open a Savings Account in HDFC
Step 2: Request for international VISA DEBIT CARD
Step 3: Create a Virtual Credit Card using Netsafe ( HDFC service )[ Note: VCC is valid for only 24 Hours]
Step 4: Open, Click on Register for Expanded Program
Step 5: Type Card Number,CVV and Expiry Month/Year and Submit
Step 6. Next Paypal will to enter Expanded number ( 4 digit code ), which paypal will send to HDFC Bank headoffice, which usuall reflects in Transaction History but won't reflect for Virtual Credit card so follow Step 7.
Step 7: Request HDFC for Expanded Code
Step 8: Enter Expanded Code and YOUR ACCOUNT IS VERIFIED.

I am sorry to inform you that, account created in India cannot add bank account to their PayPal account. The only option is to request a check but the minimum check you can withdraw is $150.00 USD. So I think it will be better to use the $USD that you have to purchase something.

PS : Right now, in Malaysian we can use Public Bank Debit Card (VISA) to verify Paypal Accaunt..:)

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Anonymous said...

I have tried using the Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card which they said the function is similar to the visa card it self...Sadly i did not manage to verify my account yet..