Saturday, January 27, 2007

Try this one..

New concept in egold gaming.The winnings could be huge or of course nothing. How long can you stay at the top? Egold batch number is the key to your fortunes. No one can cheat or scam the system.

You win 80% of every spend made trying to knock you off top spot. All payments are instant to your egold.
1 spend could give you multiple payments of 80% .
The game requires you to hit the next number up from the top spot batch number already leading the way. With The number 0 knocking 9 off top spot.

example. top spot batch id 5487913 you make your spend and if the last number is a 4 you hit top spot and you stay there untill someone hits a 5.You will receive 80% of every spend made untill your knoked off top spot. All payments auto in real time direct to your egold.

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