Saturday, December 02, 2006

Virus Top 20 for November 2006 - Kaspersky Lab

Your pc INFECTED ?!!

This is a list of virus TOP 20 for November 2006 from Kaspersky Lab..Huhu..Its happen to me when i got infected by trojan32..shit!! I can't do anything. So, format is the best and fast way to recover everything. Click this now for know more about top 20 list : 20 list

But..know, i suggest you kaspersky product from kaspersky lab..Thats fantastic software for fast computer, especially for fast computer which need fast connection internet. Also for gamers !

Click this link for download kaspersky product : Kaspersky

My screenshoot about top 20 list virus for November 2006 above you can see and keep it..

You also can find anything about news and update dengerous trojan and virus at viruslist

PS : I'm format my pc 2 times for a weeks, :(..

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