Friday, November 03, 2006

Guily - One short Message - 4 Mission

Did you all feel guilty for one reason which you can even know about that? Or feel guilty about weird thing. Or, maybe you feel guilty because you missing or forget something? I feel that this mornig after i bath..Feel really guitly and disappoint..about what? can I tell you about that thing I feel that feeling..Sorry I don't wanna to share with you. Just give me this secret to keep it in my short life..Hihi..

One short message from my old friends, She message me even we didn't talk or message about 3-4 month ago..She said, she want to see me. Em..I'm also want to see her. But when? I'm stay at Sabah for 3 month more..So, how can I see her in da short time..Haa, would her come to Sabah to see me? Can she? Hahaa, good idea..let her know my bad idea now..wait, I message him after i finishing my word..

Ok..i have Four mission in this day.

  1. Go to College E and see to my friends and little sis..
  2. See Supardi to give back t-shirt that I borrow.
  3. Meet somebody important..
  4. Settle my debit card accaunt.
PS : What kind of Debit Card exists at Bank in Malaysia?

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