Monday, October 30, 2006

Two Question Two Answer

I'm back again to this place. Huh..thanks for giving me this chance to gain more..more what haa..Forgotlah..Ok. Today, i want to share with you all one thing. Why we student, need to do our asignment at college or school or university which given by lecturer or teacher? Why we need to settle it before due date? Why..

Second, what do you like to eat when you happy? Means, you have money. You happy in that day. You want to eat something. But what kind of food you want to eat? Really want to eat at that time. Like Nasi Ayam, Nasi tomato, Nasi kandar..or something unique like, sambal belacan, petai, jering, budu, cencalok or aiskrim goreng? Hem..i'm hungry now..

Ok..let me know what your suggestion or opinion you all about it. Guess what do you want to eat huh..

PS : AKu baru je balik dari banting semalam.

PSS : Pagi tadi aku ada 1st paper exam - Kesusasteraan dan Gender.

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