Friday, August 15, 2008

Did you know Alternative Solution for Debt Reduction?

Alternative Solutions to Debt Reduction

So, before that. Did you think you already out of solution? Still don't know how to reduce your debt or you gone wild? Try this first..

These days there are number of people who are in debt. For many, debt is the root cause for all evils. If you’re struggling to cover your bills and are being hassled by collectors, you may curse the day you applied for your first credit card. If you’re straining to make minimum payments that feel like maximums, you may swear you’ll never borrow gain. If you’ve just graduated with massive student loans, you may question why you ever thought going into debt for education was a good idea.

There are few alternative solutions available for Debt Reduction. This includes debt settlement, and credit counseling programs. Let us look at the differences of both these programs:

Debt Settlement Program:

* A debt settlement program reduces the total outstanding debt by 50-70% of the original balance
* One can be debt free in as little as 3-36 months
* Usually provides a custom designed payment arrangement that fits your situation and can finally get you out of debt
* Not only reduces the total amount of debt, but also can get you out of debt and satisfy your creditors all at the same time
* Helps rebuild your credit and avoid bankruptcy
* It’s a win – win situation!!!! You are out of debt and you pay off creditors!!!!
* Debt reduction programs such as one offered by provides an easy and convenient payment method. They are professionals experienced in debt settlement, debt reduction, and debt negotiation.

Credit Counseling Programs:

* Credit counseling programs get some interest reduced without any reduction of the actual balance
* Scientific studies have shown that credit counseling does not work 95% of the time, because people get frustrated at the slow pace and lack of progress and drop out, only to find themselves back where they begin
* There are no credit counseling programs that will eliminate credit card debt faster while saving you a substantial amount of money
* Many clients who join credit counseling programs file bankruptcy like chapter 7 or chapter 13

Regardless of the program one should always find ways to eliminate debt and keep the finances under control. Given the above two options, debt settlement offers the best advantage for debt relief as it completely eliminates debt rather than prolonging it over an extended period as most credit counseling programs do.

Ps: First, never think its too hard. Just believe that you can do that.

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