Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why i love Whale Watching

When i'm since 5 years old, i really hope i can see whale in front of myself. But i know its hard to do that and my family not have enough money to do that. But right now, i can do that! How? Its at San Juan Islands!

The water around the San Juan Islands and Anacortes Washington is the best place in the world to view wild orca whales. Situated in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains and protected from the weather of the Pacific Ocean, whale watch tours departing from Anacortes experience calm water and clear skies that the whole family can enjoy.

Our Southern Resident Orca communities are among the most studied whales on the planet. Each member is named and numbered and the expert naturalists here in Anacortes spend enough time with them to identify individual whales and their family-trees.

In addition to Orcas it is common to see a variety of other wildlife including, Minke whales, Gray whales, Humpback whales, Dall and Harbor porpoise, Sea-lions, Seals, Eagles, and much more. A whale-watch trip from Anacortes is also rewarding for serious bird watchers bird-watchers. Add to your life-life on the way to a terrific whale watch experience. Two of the top whale-watch companies in Washington call Anacortes home.

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Ps: If you near with that place, don't waste your time and bring your family and watch whale right now. Its one time offer !

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