Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why I Need Ipod Shuffle Today?

When i read my beloved blog and others website today. I can see something good at my advertlets ads. Looks like a new thing. Its Faces Website. The site was i really like to read before. I can see they run some contest and i like to win that contest. I can see some good prize for that good contest. Looks like Advertlets and Faces alread agree to co-operated together and i think its another way to promote about Faces. I can said its really good and i'm happy with both site.

Thats FACES website and i can said they really good and also giveaway a good gift to his beloved member. Its good and i also can see this is a good site in Malaysia.

So, why i need Ipod shuffle today? I can see i need to have one. If not, i will feel something lost in my life. Its not said i cannot live without Ipod or my life with ruins witout Ipod, but i feel i need to have one. Its weird right? I access some ipod site and i found some good information about Ipod and that why i want to have one today. >> Good information about Red Ipot Shuffle!

So, if someone really ask you if you want to have Ipod-shuffile or not. What you think about that? Did you see that pic above? I think some of you will crazily want that right? Especially about the red one. I also read something interesting at Apple site. Read this one..

The Global Fund.

The numbers don’t lie: More than 5,800 people die every day from AIDS in Africa, and almost 2,000 children are infected with HIV each day. The Global Fund’s (PRODUCT) RED initiative directs up to 50 percent of gross profits toward African AIDS programs focusing on the health of women and children. Since its introduction, (PRODUCT) RED has delivered over $39.5 million to the Global Fund. And now you can make an impact by purchasing (PRODUCT) RED.

For further information about the Global Fund and (RED), visit

So, like their site. Numbers never lie. I think when i particpate in this contest and try to win that Ipod shuffle. I also involve myself to help that AIDS patient in Africa. Even i'm not Africa people, but i can see most of them really suffer and i hope Africa and Aids patient in Africa will be fine in future. Even i'm not buy that Ipod, but say something in my blog about them and if i win this contest. I believe i'm in another way to help them in Africa. I believe most people want to help them but don't know about this method.

So, thats why i want to win that Ipod Shuffle from Faces. Its another chance for me to help some people and in the same time i can get my own Ipod. Another thing, my hand phone cannot play some song or video. Thats why i want to have one Ipod. So, when i'm on train or bus, i can use them! Hehe, actually. I really love to heard song but my hand phone not really help. So, if i have Ipod its help many people.

By the way, its another good idea from Faces, Advertlets and some bloggers. We really can help many people in this contest. I know not many people interested. But this is another way to help many people and also Global Fund.

Ps: So, i think some of you already know why i need THIS Ipod Shuffle right? Hehe..

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Forumer said...

Salaam aidilfitri, minal aidin wal faizin, Maaf zahir dan batin, taqobbalallahu minkum solehul a'maal :)