Saturday, October 20, 2007

How To Get $200 in One COntest?

Just wonder if some of you interested to earn some money from Contest today. I can see many webmaster do that in order to attract some people to come to his forum or blog today. In order to make many people come and in the same time get traffic, he need to pay for big money. I can said its good and many people love it. Just wonder how he manage to paying his member for that. I really curious about that.

By the way. This forum already run some contest. Its just more like referrals contest. Did you know what is referrals contest? Who member already get many member join under his referrals link, he will be a winner. In this forum, ONLY 3 Winner will be decided. So, if you want to WIN this contest. You need to join first.

The Price for 3 winner :

1. $200
2. $100
3 $50

This is the forum i said before. This forum running Referrals Contest. I know some of you really new about some contest like this one. You can try and view first and if you interested, you can join here. We need to paid to join this forum? No!! You never need to paid for that!

I big recommend you to join this site if you interested. Why not right? >> Join WebBusinessTalk

Ps : This forum talk about Webmaster and Business. So, you can talk about money here right?

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