Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My First Cheque From Advertlets?

When i wake up today. I can see like i loosing something today. Then, after i break fast and doing my routine like always. I check my email and some website for refresh my mind. Maybe i can know something good or some news today. Especially about my earning. I really hope i can earn some cash for the next month.

Then. I check my advertlets account. Still low and i hope i can get more earning and cash out my first check from Advertlets. Thats what i dream until today. I can see some people got another cheque. They win the badge competition and i'm late to participate. Really envy with them and i hope i can get some too.

Sometimes i think. What i will do that with the money if i got some cheque from Advertlest. Must be interesting right? I believe that is my lucky day if its happen in my life. I hope i will get my first cheque. What i want to do with my first cheque? I want to buy new hand phone. I know its really expensive and i already collect some money and plus, i have get paid from Advertlets. Then, i can buy them. I know its still a small hope. But i still want to give my best try. I hope i can do that and get it.

Another one. If i can get earning from Advertlets. I just want to have some dinner with my family. I think we never done that after all of us really busy with work. My sister and brother study everywhere in Malaysia and we don't know when we will see each other. I think this Raya will be a great time to gather and have family dinner. Maybe Advertlets can give us some "Duit Raya" as my cheque for this year Raya. Who know right? I hope my small dreams will come true.

By the way. I still hope if Advertlets can give more offer to us. Especially for Malaysian Blogger. If Advertlets can give more offer and gather many bloggers, i believe many blogger and advertiser will come and attract with them. I believe many sponsor will come and hope the best from Advertlets.

Then, my another small hope. I believe many bloggers not only in Malaysia and Singapore will know about Advertlets and hope more people especially for entrepreneur and student will use Advertlets. I don't think its too late to get your first cheque from Advertlets right?

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black said...

How long you already join advertlets?