Monday, July 02, 2007

OBeus - NEw PPC Todays

Obeus is a pay-per-click ads system that allows you to advertise text ads on sites registered at our Catalogue.

Simply create your text ad, choose the sites to advertise on, define the amount of money (cost-per-click) you want to pay for the click and be advertised instantly!

The main features are:

Simplified registration process.
Democratic prices on advertising, each CPC value is defined by demand and supply. No thought-out prices!
Flexible ad block design. You can tune your block so it will fit any, even very complicated design of your website.
Open policy: all rates and taxes are fixed and accessible to any user. We have nothing to hide!
Single account for advertiser and publisher - advertise your site and make money on it simultaneously!
Favourable Affiliate Frogram.
Online payments support (currently E-Gold, will be expanded soon).
Multi-level sites catalogue with rating and review system.
Free traffic counters.

OBeus - NEw PPC Todays.

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