Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stevekinsey Blog !!

Ehm. What i want to do today? Ok. Like before, i always review many site and read many blog to gain more knowledge and earn something from them. Today, i also have 1 good job. Review some others Blog. Ok. Which the lucky's person will be review by us today? Ok..This is a blog i will tell something. Its a good blog and already exist since laste year. Already start post since June 2006. I believe this Blog have a good information for us specially about review and promotion tips.
Website Promotion, Affiliate Marketing and .Net Development Blog

So, what you think first about this site? A forum? A site or hyip site? Yes. Its a good blog from SteveKinsey. Do you know Steve? if not, read this review slowly.

The autheor is Steve Kinsey. He also a admin of some site like Dvd Secret, Deadly Mail, Digital articles and others.

He always write at his site and in this blog about website promotion, design and marketing. This also what i'm doing today. I believe many people too like us steve. Doing some marketing and promotion about many site and blog.

When I review in this blog. Do you think what the 1st impression and what i'm aspect from this blog?

1. I thought this owner blog is young Blogger. But I'm wrong !! Go to this link to see his profile. Steve Profile.

2. I thought this people have a great crazy template and script. But its a simple blog and nice template. I also like this template too. Steve no need some hard script to run his blog. Right? Simple and tune always..:)

3. This Blog must be have a good content and many good idea in promotion and advertising part. Yes. I know Steve already do that.

I think its enough for that 3 comment. If some of you want to know more about Steve Blog. Just go to this Blog. He already post many comment and review about many site and have a Better Content like others internet Marketers do todays. One thing you must know, he always post a better posting. Some post have really good idea and i can stolen his idea too. Hoho, forgive me. But when i read and review your Blog, my brain is working and the Idea is popup !! Thanks to you.

Congratulations Steve because manage to setup your good blog and cover many site. I know you really a good person.

I hope Steve will come with new Idea and Creative posting Soon.

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Steve Kinsey
Website Promotion, Affiliate Marketing and .Net Development Blog

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