Saturday, June 23, 2007

Earn Money Easily with

Premier Affiliates. Earn $1.00 per sign up once you reach 25 referrals.

Become A BizPreneur Affiliate!
Get more from your business community.
Become a affiliate and earn commissions. It's pretty simple...

• You post you affiliate links to allow users to join under your affiliate ID

• Your visitors follow these links and signup at

It's easy, it's free, and you can get started today. As a affiliate, you...

• Earn Money: The more your visitors signup under your affiliate ID, the more you earn.
• Associate with a Trusted Name: Business Entrepreneur Network is a leading global network, with an exceptional track record and strong reputation.
• Manage Your Program: Top affiliate statistics for the site are posted on the TOP USERS Tab of the site.

The Business Entrepreneur Network has officially released it's Affiliate Marketing System to the public. The BizPreneur Affiliate Marketing System is the easiest affiliate system to setup and start using. Current BizPreneur members/users do not have to change anything on their profile or account settings to start using the new affiliate system because it uses the same tracking code as your username. And for new users, you can join instantly and recieve your affiliate system link in the same package! Your unique affiliate ID is under the MY ACCOUNT Tab.

The system is free for use and for all members who sign up, you will be able to use the system at no cost! Please notify us once you have reached 25 referrals and we will make arrangements to send payments.

Get $1 dollar now !!

Ps: I'm saying again its FREE. So, join today before you really late to join !!

PSS: Its just like Mylot, Friendster and MYspace but not PTP forum..

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