Saturday, May 12, 2007

Movie of This Month - Bug !!

Today. I really boring. I think i want to watch new Movie. But which movie is the best I must watch right now. Some of you already have any suggestion. Ehm..Yes. I know one great movie which I really want to watch it right now. Guess what?

BUG !!

As you know, Lionsgate Films Presents Bug by Starring Ashley Judd. This Director also a director of Film Exorcist !! Thats why i really interested to watch this movie. I know its really scary. But i love to watch that type Film. Its dangerous and scary Film i think. Just like Exorcist or maybe more than that. RIght? Who knows..

So. What you think after you see this pic? I believe all of you really interested want to watch this Film at 25 May 2007. Yes !! Thats the day this film will launch. I cannot waiting even a single second right now. Haha..Really interested. Maybe i really like to watch horror movie like this. But this one already Film related or stories about Bug. Some people call it insect. How can this Bug be so dangerous to human? So, you must watch this Film Soon.

I really like to watch this movie. Hope i can watch it with my girl friends. I know she really likes some movie like this. Just wonder how the peack of this movie. Maybe we can know something different than others movie. Right? HOpe can find a new different ways in this Film. I know the director can do that. Just need to wait..

Want to see the trailer of this Film? Go to this one >> Trailer

So, do you already see the trailer. Interested right? This film about Bug. Just like the title.
Bug-First they send in their drone, then they find their queen!!

bug movie

So. This Movie you must watch it if not, you really dissapoint entire your life. Believe it or not. Its up to you. This is Good Film to watch it this Month.

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forumer said...

So how with the movie, ok?? I hope u satisfied. Do you recommend me to watch it too?? :D