Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why we need reason..

Why we need reason to do something? Why we need some reason to explain everything? Em..weird question right? But everday, especially in the morning, this question puzzle me. Why i need to wake up early to pray subuh? Why i need to grow? Why when i take one thing from my friends without telling him 1st, they call me thief? Why when you naughy, your mum punish you?And..why..why this question pop up in my mind?

Simple question. But need a deep explaination. Am i right guys? I know you all smart and briliant person. So, if you know how to answer it with a good explaination and enough for me to settle my puzzle. I gift you something..What 'something' ?


PS : That gift are expired until this morning..7.14 am..( waktu Malaysia aa..)

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