Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why forum ?

Em..what i'm doing today? Ok..before i forgot something..i just want to make announcement..silat cekak training at ums will be started again this nite..so, to all member's please come for yourself..we train together this nite and don't forgot to remind your friends to come to..
Ok..recently, i was searching about silat and martial arts at internet..i went to many site..go to many forum..but honestly..i'm feel very said..not really much forum is about martial arts especially at malaysia forum..not discuss about it..many forum all about news, computers, software, money, comics, anime, hentai, porn and others. I dislike that situation..for me forum is the better ways to tackle hit..to tackle people to visit marvelous and good website..and recently, many people don't like about martial arts..i think about 60%.. are you agree ? Especially men..
Suddently, i go to another website..and i don't want to talk more about that website..i'm just dislike that web cause many thing..Oh. don't be angry because i'm just give my opinion..no need to anger about it..
Ok..the more info about silat cekak hanafi. Just klik this site : cekakhanafi

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