Monday, September 04, 2006

Indah Permai College Training

Okey..supposely im online last nite..but my dial up is have proble..u cant detect wat the problem is..what i know now..i want to open my blog and start type what im want to type..
This nite i didnt have many works to do..just check again my phisics note..i have midsem this wednesday evening..hope i can asnwer that test..haha..phisics maa..very difficult to tackle that repeat this subject last sem..but i got D ?? Haiya...what wrong with me hah ?? The simple phisics..but i can survive to get B. Ehm..i need to learn more..yap. Learn more.. we have silat training at Indah Permai College.. at basket ball hall like usual. But im off today.It is because im really tired after UMS convo, sorry Atul. You need to handle the class alone again..I saw my friend and their parents..feel sad..feel happy too...i have another year for my turn..just waiting..Ok..i show you 2 more video's from Youtube. 2 videos from tai chi martial arts..interesting right ?? What u think ??

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