Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Return back..

Silat Cekak Hanafi returns again..

What is the silat cekak ? What kind of martial art ?? is it really can defend yourself and your parents ?? why silat cekak hanafi ?? Why only islamic people can learn it ??
Show urself to know more about this martial art...find the true to know the truth..this martial art are unique and different than others arts..
we know..somedays...
we just heard and saw..
but we don't know about it..
we truly want to know..really wanted to know....
how ??
can we..study about it ?
learn more ?
find the true ?
that is silat cekak hanafidifferent ways to show urself..
show ur guts..
show ur face to face the new worldthe different world..
the martial art world..
the mawi world also ??
Ya !!that's silat..that's silat cekak hanafi.
support website : http://www.cekakhanafi.com

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