Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Friday Class Training

Ehmm...this nite we at ums have another class for this week..im reallt tired this week...because im have full class, do too much think, handle work,proceed the asignment and others job..an when im want to check my Adsense account also too busy..

Our club in ums establish since 10 years ago..so, for newbie and members in ums this is the information u must know..for the kokum student, u must get the cd for member's club..the cd content is video files, history about club, history about silat cekak hanafi, the advantages of this martial arts and the song of silat cekak in format mp3..just grab it now..in this month the cd is free but, in september the cd is sold in pricee RM3..i hope u got this information fast...tell the others student n member..the important for kokum students..haha, im very glaad when i heard the kokum for this martial arts in ums was come back..so, take this chance to grab a better chance to club future..

our member's site :
( POrtal silat cekak Utm KL)

Projek cekakums -- akan datang.

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